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What is Delta 8?

For a long time, there have been two main players in the hemp industry: CBD and THC. And currently, only one of those is legal in all 50 states in the US (thank you, Farm Bill!). But now there's a new player on the scene making waves in the CBD world. Say hello to Delta 8. If you’ve never heard of it before, or you’re not entirely sure what makes it different from what we commonly associate with “cannabis,” keep reading. We’ll explain exactly what it is, how it’s made, and what kind of benefits you can expect from taking Delta 8. Let’s dive in.

What is Delta 8 and what does it do?

What is Delta 8?

When most people talk about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), they’re usually referring to Delta-9 THC. This component is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives you the high feeling. It’s also currently only legal in a few states in the US. That’s where Delta 8 comes in. It is found naturally in the hemp plant and has a remarkably similar chemical structure to CBD (cannabidiol). It produces a similar, but gentler high to Delta 9 that many find to be more pleasant. Specifically, it doesn’t give you some of the more intense side effects of Delta 9 like sluggishness and paranoia.

Although Delta 8 is found naturally in hemp, it occurs at such a low volume that extracting from hemp would be… inefficient. So we put on our science caps and recreated the enzymatic environment within the hemp plant and convert CBD to Delta 8. It’s then filtered, turned into distillate, and used to create some pretty cool gummies, tinctures, and beverage enhancers.

Here’s the awesome part. At Apex Labs, we always strive for the best. We were able to improve the manufacturing processes for Delta 8 (which were already pretty stellar). As a result, we have achieved a 99.9% purity with all of our Delta 8 products. Because we don’t mind tooting our own horn just a little bit, this is pretty unheard of in the industry. Our Delta 8 is also free from any pesticides, metals, and residual solvents. We get it third-party tested for purity and publish the results on Seriously, go check it out for yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Delta 8?

So Delta 8 can give you a nice, gentle high sensation, but there’s more to it, right? Right. While there haven’t been any definitive studies on the benefits of Delta 8, many who take it report that it is incredibly relaxing while also promoting a clear mind, focus, and concentration. Some even say that it can help boost appetite and calm feelings of nausea. And it does all of this without the traditional groggy feelings that are commonly associated with Delta 9.

Many people prefer Delta 8 as they find it gives them an overall better experience. It can be taken on a day-to-day basis as you need it, before bed, or even before a big study session.

How to Take Your Delta 8

Whether you’ve never tried Delta 8 before or you’re already a fan, you’re in the right spot. We’ve got several different options and strengths for you. We recommend starting with a lower dose and building from there. It gives you a chance to experience the effects on your body (everyone is different). Then you can either stick with the lower dose if it’s really working for you or bump up to a higher strength until you hit your sweet spot. As for how you take it, we’ve got some great choices.

Tips for the newbies
Always start with the lowest strength. Trust us on this one. Delta 8, although milder than its Delta 9 counterpart, is still psychoactive. So start small, let your body experience the effects, and see how you feel. Once you’re comfortable, you can graduate to something stronger when (or if) you’re ready.


They’re sweet, tasty, and easy to take. Gummies are great for beginners and pros alike who enjoy something fun and simple.


The old faithful method of taking CBD and Delta 8… just put one dropperful under your tongue for 60 seconds. The Delta 8 is combined with organic coconut oil and an optional flavoring like Lemon or Peppermint.

Water Soluble Tinctures

Instead of combining Delta 8 with oil, we use nanotechnology to combine it with water. You get 5x the system absorption and ½ the absorption time of an oil tincture. The trade-off is that the taste can be quite bitter.

Beverage Shots & Enhancers

Also water-soluble, these are great for on-the-go use or more targeted benefits. We have Sleep, Focus, and High Tolerance Options.

Pure Distillate

It’s great for dabs, vapes, edibles, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can even customize it with one of 15 terpenes to give it a flavor that’s right for you.

Head to our retail store to shop our top-quality Delta 8 and CBD products today.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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