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For White Label and Private Labeling

Software Requirements: Adobe Illustrator 2022

File Format: Illustrator Template .ait

Output File Format: Adobe PDF

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 whitelabel  service fees

These services are separate from Bulk cost of Products

Bulk Product (Wholesale Pricing)

Create an account and login through your Wholesale Portal to access a list of products and bulk pricelist.

Design Services (Optional)

Initial Label Design & Product Render $350

Subsequent Label Design & Product Renders $250

Certificate of Analysis Transfer

COA Full Panel Transfer Fee $125

COA Potency Transfer Fee $75

Label Set Up Fee

Label Set Up Fee (Per Run) $15

How to calculate the total cost:

How to calculate total cost.png

How to calculate cost-per unit

How to calculate cost per unit.png


If you are looking for total cost of 250 (20ct) small gummy bags of 25mg Delta-8 Gummies, take the bulk price of 5,000-pack, then add in the initial set up fee, and finally, add the white label service fees.

Cost Calculation Example .png
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