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Guide to Apex Labs CBD Product Label Templates

Software Requirements: Adobe Illustrator 2022

File Format: Illustrator Template .ait

Output File Format: Adobe PDF

  STEP 1  

When designing your artwork, make sure to leave enough room for bleed and trim areas. 


  STEP 2  

Choosing your Background


  STEP 3  

Working with [Edit] Design Layer:

  1.   <Rectangle>   

    • is meant to improve the visibility of potency identifier. 

    • NOTE: It is optional.  You may change the shape, color, or completely remove it. 

  2.   [Replace] Barcodes  

    • Indicates the placement area and dimensions for your individual SKU barcode. 

  3.   Flavor identifier   

    • You may replace with the flavor artwork style of your choice.

  4.   [Place] Logo here   

    • Indicates the placement area and dimensions for your logo.

    • Due to a limited canvas area, try not to deviate too much from the the guide. 

  5.   [Edit] Color Social Badges   

    1. You may change color or replace the icons with the badge styles of your choice.


  STEP 4  

Working with [Edit] Product Information Layers:

1.  Outlined Text. Color Changes Only     (sublayer)

  • The text is outlined and cannot be edited with the exception of color, preferably black/white only to ensure the ease of use and legibility.

  • The content cannot be moved to another location on the label.



2.  Editable Layers. Change Font & Color    (sublayer)

  •   Total MG Text:  

    • You can change font type, color and size to fit your needs. The content can be moved, but needs to remain in the center panel of the label. 

  •   [Edit] Product Name:  

    • You can change font type, color and size to fit your needs. (The following product name modifications are allowed: ex: “Pain Relief CBD Tincture”, “Calming CBD Tincture”, etc.)

  •   [Edit] Header font & Color:  

    • The header names cannot be changed. You can customize the layer with font type and color only. Also includes: “MUST BE 21 TO PURCHASE OR USE” statement. Content cannot be moved to another canvas area.

  •   [EDIT] Your info:  

    • Make sure to update this information with your brand’s contact information such as phone number, email address, and website.


  STEP 5  

Working with [DO NOT EDIT] Layers:

  The information contained in this layer cannot be altered or moved in any way or form. Any alterations to these layers will result in rejection of your artwork.


  STEP 6  

Saving your final artwork:

Once your design is complete, you must save the file in PDF format by going to the:

Menu > click on “File”  > Select “Save As” option,


A new window will open, where you can select the file location, file name, and file format. Make sure to select the “Adobe PDF (.pdf)” option and click “Save

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