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The Importance of Solvent Testing on Amanita Muscaria Products

We had a chance to speak with Robert Meyers at AG Labs, one of the leading labs testing for mushroom extracts and products in the United States. In our conversations with Robert, we’ve learned that a vast majority of companies are using methanol for their mushroom extraction.

However, very few companies are doing solvent testing with their products to see if the methanol has been removed. For a little background, methanol has action levels of 46 ppm, meaning it’s poisonous for human consumption.

When a solute is mixed with methanol, the 2 compounds cannot be fully separated unless boiled. This can be achieved with vacuum distillation; however, the temperatures needed even under a 99% vacuum will degrade muscimol, the primary active ingredient in Amanita Muscaria. With lower temperatures, most of the methanol can be removed, but you will still be left with 5,000 to 10,000ppms which is toxic to human consumption.

At Apex Labs CBD, our primary concern will always be the safety of the end consumer and protection of the businesses we work with. With this concern in mind, no chemicals are ever used in our mushroom extraction process. Instead, our proprietary process uses PICO technology forextraction, creating the safest and most potent mushroom extract available in the industry.

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